List of High Fructose Fruits

September 9, 2012

If you find that you are sensitive to fructose or if you are fighting to lose those last few pounds to maintain a lean body, then you’ll want to start strategically limiting your intake of high fructose fruits and consume fruits with low-to-medium levels of fructose in moderation.

Fruits with higher than 4 grams of fructose are considered high. Common high fructose fruits include all dried fruits, grapes, apples, pears, cherries, pomegranate, kiwi and blackberries. Consume fresh, low-fructose whole fruit in moderation. Low fructose fruits include: strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe, pineapple, peaches, grapefruit, limes and lemons, avocados and tomatoes, apricots, mangos, and plums.


List of High Fructose Fruits

Dried Fruits Highest in Fructose:
Raisins, golden* – 37.1g
Zante currants* – 37.1g
Raisins* – 33.8g
Dried figs* – 24.4g
Dried peaches* – 15.6g
Dried prunes* – 14.8g
Dried apricots* – 12.2g

Fresh Fruits Highest in Fructose:
Grapes – 7.6g
Apple – 7.6g
Pears – 6.4g
Cherries – 6.2g
Pomegranate – 4.7g
Kiwi – 4.3g
Blackberries – 4.1g
Blueberries – 3.7g
Watermelon – 3.3g
Raspberries – 3.2g
Starfruit – 3.2g
Purple Passion Fruit – 3.1g

List of Low Fructose Fruits

Fresh Fruits Lowest in Fructose:
Lime – 0.2g
Avocado – 0.2g
Apricots – 0.7g
Lemon – 0.8g
Grapefruit – 1.2g
Peach – 1.3g
Tomato – 1.4g
Jackfruit – 1.4g
Plum – 1.8g
Cantaloupe – 1.8g
Guava – 1.9g
Pineapple – 2.1g
Strawberries – 2.5g
Orange – 2.5g
Papaya – 2.7g
Banana – 2.7g
Figs – 2.8g
Mango – 2.9g

*Important observation: there are no low-fructose dried fruits. All dried fruits are high in fructose.

Fruit juice

The extra ingredients manufacturers add to these drinks act as preservatives and flavor additives. The substances can be compromising to your health, and can cause potential unwanted problems such as: insulin spikes, canker sores, and simply excess sugar which may increase your risk of cancer. Big Pharma often fortifies these drinks with vitamin c (ascorbic acid), calcium, and vitamin d. What are the quality and standards behind fortification? Squeezing your own fresh fruit avoids these issues and is a safe alternative to consuming fruit juices with preservatives and added ingredients.

Bonus Tip

eat dark chocolate for a health, satiating snack.


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