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Becoming Superhuman

Popularized by the book, The 4-Hour Body by author Timothy Ferriss, these items include improvements to your body, your mind, and include how to learn new things, etc. Your portal on your quest to becoming superhuman!

Abs – how to get six pack abs
Bad Breath – How to get rid of bad breath naturally
Belly Fat aka beerbelly – how to lose belly fat forever
Flabby Arm syndrome – make those arms thin and strong
Feats of Strength – bodyweight feats of strength (one arm pushups, pullups, isometric front lever, muscle ups, handstand pushups, etc)
Juggling for coordination
Jump higher – power cleans
L-Sits for abs
Memory – improving your working memory
Posture – improving posture
Running Injuries – reversing running injuries naturally
Shampooing – how to shampoo naturally for maximum scalp/hair follicle health
Showering – mastering the art of the cold shower
Sleep – perfecting sleep
Sprinting to improve heart, lungs, cardiovascular system, stroke volume
Tanning – natural ways to become tanner
Teeth Whitening
Vision – improving your vision naturally
Whistle through your Fingers