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Apps That Will Make You Healthier and more Productive

  1. Flux. (free) – this free app dims the brightness of your computer monitor once the sun sets in your area. This is great because bright blue lights late at night can jeopardize a good nights sleep. The app removes this problem and helps relieve eye strain.
    • http://stereopsis.com/flux/
  2. Pomodoro One. (free for Mac) – this app is helps you follow the Pomodoro technique, which is a cycle of 25-minute work sessions and 5-minute breaks designed to help you get more done.

  3. Menubar Countdown. (free for Mac) – this is a free, customizable countdown timer app. Use this so your computer can alert you when you should stand up. I recommend doing that every 30-60 minutes.
    • http://capablehands.net/menubarcountdown